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In Signs of Life, Norman Waksler defly weaves stories of change both brutal and subtle, encounters both urban and urbane. Covering life from the first childhood pangs of love and unfairness to the moral conundrums of midlife, the stories in this collection delicately reveal the intersection of sepia-toned nostalgia and full-color truth. The reader is plunged into ordinary lives punctuated by extraordinary events, seeing how, as Waksler writes, "...even the most satisfactory life [can] be broken apart and rearranged by a single bit of wayward information."

Signs of Life

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Table of Contents for Signs of Life

  1. Ruthie
    • "Really, it should have been one of those forgivable serio-comic love affairs, with the two women sharing amusement at my infatuation, but it turned out there was too much at stake, and, of course, in the traditional manner of blinkered and desperate lovers, I carried things to their unfortunate logical conclusion."
  2. Snerk
    • "These were the things that Paul Chase hated about his convenience store job ..."
  3. Hugh's Tattoo
    • "It happened without warning, like being shot in a drive-by — though not quite — but something that changes your life forever (what's left of it)."
  4. Lewis Leaves the Library
    • "Two guys drift into the library one afternoon when Lewis Bischoff is alone behind the desk."
  5. What Stu Knew
    • "Knowledge with the power that you really don't want is pain, as I learned when I discovered that my cousin Gabe's wife, Nola, was cheating on him."
  6. Death by Water
    • "Every now and then when Charley Cohen lit up one of the little Dutch cigars he'd been smoking since college, he worried that someday he'd die of lung cancer."

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